league rapid simuls again

^^ this is also why I’m quitting. Without simuling I can’t keep up, even if I killled myself to get to champion.

I think playing rapid arena is fastest to gain points.people are playing it fast like blitz!  But I’m getting bored playing too many of it. So I’ve dropped down to #5. Oh well.


Suggestion: maybe change to 2 leagues. one for tilted players only. one for none titled. for the none titled league make the prize Lifetime Diamond membership. for the titled league , offer a small amount of money prize since the  titled players already have lifetime Diamond membership. 

Marks1420 wrote:
Llama, your bullet theory is mathematically sound but it doesn’t hold up for the strongest players. I once saw a 3|0 arena where some GM scored like 75 points. Let’s say they earned around 3.6 arena points per win. 75/3.6≈ 21 wins. 21x9+75= 264 per hour. The range is probably + or - 20. This is superior to bullet.

It's easy to show how bullet is superior for a given player. You can play blitz arena at bullet speed and win all your games as a GM to get a very high trophy per hour rate.

But you can play bullet arena at hyperbullet speed as a GM and win all your games to get an even higher trophy per hour rate.


just play what you feel like playing. if you feel you can’t tolerate playing another rapid, switch to play blitz or bullet. 

Marks1420 wrote:
^^ this is also why I’m quitting. Without simuling I can’t keep up, even if I killled myself to get to champion.

Without simuling, to beat the current #3 who is on pace for a little over 12k trophies, I'd have to play about 17 hours a day.

Beating #3 on the leaderboard grantees you advance to champion in any division. Since you're higher rated than me, you could do it in fewer hours per day.

If you could do it in 15 hours a day, that's enough for 8 hours of sleep, plus time to eat meals (as long as you planned ahead). This is unpleasant but relatively comfortable.

If you "kill yourself" and went for multiple 20 hour days then you'd be closer to @dragonb70 (who is on pace for a little under 15k)

GBTGBA wrote:

just play what you feel like playing. if you feel you can’t tolerate playing another rapid, switch to play blitz or bullet. 



As of this post I have 0 points/0 trophies in the crystal league. I may play a few here and there, but that might be it. Let's see what happens...




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Now that's funny.... They tested for months and this is what they came up with? Which part did they test exactly and how?


Basically, if you were part of the beta, you had access to the league pages and standings. A lot of bugs were worked out during that time. Also, the site had all members still in Leagues at the time, so they could test the features at scale.


That said, I don't think anyone in the beta, outside of staff maybe, knew there was going to be a contest initially, just that eventually there would be things for Legend.  So, some of the things that may have been tested while in beta didn't really equate to what was happening when prizes were available.


i really hated when i did it in beta, felt like pain :/

@martin - so basically they tested the functionality of the system, but not how people will try to collect trophies. This explains literally everything.
llama47 wrote:
Gymstar074600 wrote:

can someone tell me why simuls are bad? how do they help you?

If you increase the rate of your games, you increase the rate you earn trophies. If you play 10 games at once, you earn trophies 10x faster than someone playing one game at a time at the same time control.

They (half heartedly) want games to earn and equal number of trophies because it has a few benefits such as making the contest more appealing, having better promotional power, and being more "fair" (but only sort of).

First reason I say things like "half heartedly" is because if someone's favorite time control is 2 minutes or 5 minutes or 15 minutes, they're at a clear disadvantage... but adjusting trophies for every different time control was probably seen as too tedious.

Second reason is because they failed to make the same adjustment for arena trophies... bullet arena gives you more than blitz which gives you more than rapid. Since there are still people on the leaderboards who don't seem to realize this, I assume it's not obvious, and so I assume this wasn't done on purpose to help promote bullet arena over the others. So it's not half hearted in the sense that they don't care, but in the sense that they weren't diligent (i.e. ask for input from employees whose skills are on technical side of things).

Not to mention that they were aware of the issue with simuls on day one, and not only did they go ahead with the contest, but they didn't even mention it in the rules until many weeks in.

thank you


i wish i have 3 hands. two hands too do errands, one hand to play chess. 


can i tell siri to move for me? that would be cool. but maybe dangerous ? people might be playing while driving ! never mind