life is like chess?


i often hear the comparason, is it true? chess is mysterious as is life, everone has their own idea's. to me, chess is logical, life on the other hand....?

?????? what do you think!


these are MY thoughts...

  Life is like a game of chess. Every move/decision you make can either bring you an advantage or a disadvantage. Even acting upon your wisest/planned decision can bring a negative outcome. Pieces must keep moving though. life keeps on moving. Wins and Losses are a part of life. Sacrifices must be made at some point. Expect the unexpected. When making a decision that wasn't well thought out and have lost something BECAUSE of it, well it teaches to think twice next time, to be more vigilant. you musn't ever regret your decisions because every mistake is a lesson. mistakes are part of our fate. In this fate of ours, our life, our game doesn't end til' the king is trapped/we die. keep playing. as you lose you ironically get better, once you begin winning and continue to do so, you will keep yourself better. but even when losses come regardless your best position in the game or life, you accept them as the human you are. THAT increases your rating in life in many delightful ways! Wink





Danny you absolute boonick!


Beautifully Expressed !!!


Sage words.


same, I thought of the same thing. but more specifect 


@KOSAP Best thing I have ever read on this website.


far from it, it is just an excuse for losers like Kasparov to waste their whole life on the gme.


kool...but life is easier than chess game..