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list of general principles, guidelines and rules of thumb

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    hey everyone!

    this thread is dedicated to list all of those wise "one-liners" of good chess playing. 

    i started to write these things down in my journal whenever i encounter them.


    here are a few to start the topic/discussion:

    - "if you see a good move - look for a better one"

    - "in the opening, move every piece once before you move any piece twice, unless there is a tactic"

    - "A premature attack is doomed to failure"

    - "if you don't know what to do, identify your worst piece and make it better"

    - "In the endgame the most important idea is often to activate your king"


    it would be cool if you could contribute some more of those, with or without further explanation





    also: (from a chess cafe article):

    "Because guidelines are so variable, learning how to apply and prioritize them becomes 

    at least as important as learning them in the first place"  see: http://www.chesscafe.com/text/heisman09.pdf

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    after researching a little more ... i found this list:



    AWESOME !!! =)

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    I can contribute a valuable piece of information about the phrase 'rule of thumb':

    the phrase is derived from an old english law, which states that you shouldn't beat your wife with anything thicker than a man's thumb.

    I agree with it 100%

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    informative though . . . .

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    When attacked on a wing, counter-attack in the center.

    All rook endings are drawn.

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    When you see a bad move, look for a worse one.

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    "Two bishops are worth three bishops. One bishop is worth half a bishop."

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    When in doubt, whip it out!

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    "Queen and a knight, you're alright." (referring to how the queen coordinates with the knight well)



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    Philidor said "pawns are the soul of chess" so you're in good company.

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    Bc5 in the Ruy Lopez by black should be reflexively met by white with c3.

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    Salaiz wrote:

    When in doubt, whip it out!

    LOLZ! Laughing

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    The rules (eg. general principles) are made to be broken. Just make sure you can get away with it! Wink

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:

    When you see a bad move, look for a worse one.


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    "'Chess is a big fat waste of time.' -Garry Kasparov"


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    "Bogolyubov is big and fat." --Alekhine


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