Looking for Chess "Notepad" Software


I'm looking for a piece of software I can use as a sort of "notepad" for recording my own notes on chess positions and moves.

This would not be for playing chess - no engines necessary. It would simply allow me to layout and move the pieces for both sides on a board. It would also have an area where I could make text notes and, ideally, a move list to keep track of the moves.

I'm thinking of something I could download onto my PC and open in a separate window from my browser.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Chessbase Light, it is free.


It would be nice to have a facility to record playing notes, that insert into your games png file.  Often I wonder what the hell I was thinking when recapping my games lol 


You can manually insert notes into a .pgn file at any point merely by using curly brackets: {la la la horrible blunder blah}.  A .pgn file in case you don't know is just a text file and can be opened with any text editor.

Fritz and Chessbase let's you insert notes by, if I recall, by right clicking the move and choosing the add text before or after move menu choice.


Just about any chess GUI would work, but if you're looking for something simple, try either ChessPad or the Tarrasch Chess GUI.




http://www.chess.com/download/view/chesscat this can be useful.


Thanks to everyone for the information. I'll check out your suggestions.

This was my first posting on a Chess.com forum and when I saw how active the forums are, where topics scroll off the first pages quickly, I wasn't sure anyone would see my message and respond.