Looking for the Perfect Group


I've been playing here on Chess.com for about half a year so far.  I've never been involved in groups so far.  Now that I've got my feet wet, I want to delve further into the group side of things.

The perfect group criteria:

1) Helpful and Friendly
2) Active
3) Ability to Share and Learn (my online chess is about 1750, but I want to improve and learn much more)
4) a group site that doesn't burn my retinas.

I've had a handful of unsolicited invites over the past 6 months, but I was uncertain at that time about what a group could even offer (and what I could offer a group!)


Sorry to disappoint you, but they all suck.


Problem is that some groups start of reall good and then deteriorate as they grow bigger.  Smaller groups tend to stagnate if they stay small.  There is no such thing as the perfect group.

Of course you will probably get a bunch of "my group... <insert link>" ads from admins of groups.

Just try some out... if you don't like a group or they aren't helpful enough, you can always leave.


You're going to have to try some groups out.  If you don't like the group, you could always just leave.  Smaller groups are often better than larger groups.  If you want to improve your chess, try to find groups that focus mainly on chess (it's best if they don't have many off-topic forums).  Try finding a group that has a fair amount of vote chess, team matches, or tournaments (make sure it doesn't have too much or else you might just get alerts for games that you don't want to be in).

There are lots of groups out there and you'd probably find one that fits you best.