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    just played a game with user 809 i was crushing him in material 6 to about 20 then after 10 mins he says he will let the time run out and for me to have a great day in principal i wait 10 mins then he tries for me too accept a draw and accuses me of being a slow player i decilne the draw and wait then with 2mins left on his clock he starts to move so i move then he moans again that im slow so i rush and made a mistake of a stalemate this user is a bad loser dont play him!

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    Why would you worry about moving faster for your opponent? If he wanted a faster opponent he could have chosen different time controls.

    Dude just managed to get in your head.

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    unless you are under a minute, always take your time in thinking about your moves

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    Take the time before moving is a basic rule for playing consequent chess

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    Wacky is a polite player. I played with him. He wanted to help that user that's why he tried to play faster.

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    in the end, he won.  Sucks but such is chess.  I can't tell you how many times ive been a dick and wanted to get 5 queens and then staled someone lol.

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    What did I just read here... you waited 10 min for him/her than they somehow forced you to play faster in the end/? What is your IQ bro/gal?

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    Do not get mad. His actions only prove that he knew he was outclassed by you.


    Edit: Just realized this post is 3 years old.


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