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Magnus Carlsen

  • #1

    Who agrees with me that Magnus Carlsen should be on chess.com???

  • #2

    We aren't worthy. 

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    It would be a poor decision to join with his real name and log on regularly unless he wanted to spend 12 hours a day responding to fan messages and declining invites.

    If he wanted to contribute articles or analysis of course he could go anywhere and ask as much money as he wanted.  It's not impossible he would come here and produce some articles but it's far from he "should be on chess.com."

  • #4

    Not to mention in the event that he actually joined under a different name he would be constantly slammed with cheating accusations. Also, don't most GM's operate under the supported conclusion that bullet/fast blitz (<3 0) is bad for your chess? 

  • #5

    They still have fun with fast chess.  Just look at Nakamura heh.  Famous for dominating speed chess on ICC.

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    Well if you've ever watched play on ICC for blitz (I've seen a few youtube videos, never the real thing), he always ends up with about 2:00 on his clock at the end and he plays openings he wouldn't play OTB ie ... g6 Bb7 Nh6 O-O f6 Nf7 (for the sake of convenience I didn't bother to put the ellipsis repeatedly) 

    I put forth this as my only evidence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJVwJ5m6zkA

    Complete domination. I imagine it's not even fun for Naka, I doubt it would be for carlsen. 

  • #7

    He's loged thousands of games on ICC so I can't imagine it being no fun.  I don't know if he's still there currently.

  • #8

    ICC gets Carsen, Moroz and Naka.

    Chess.com gets Silman, Rentch, and Finegold.Undecided

    But hey, you get what you pay for, right? 

  • #9
    varelse1 wrote:

    But hey, you get what you pay for, right? 

    How much have you paid?

  • #10
    livluvrok wrote:

    Who agrees with me that Magnus Carlsen should be on chess.com???

    Non dignus sum.

  • #11

    i thought he did have an account i stumbled upon it a long time ago but i could just be crazy

  • #12

    Carlsen has an account here which was set up for him for his exhibition game vs "the world" a year or so ago.

    Most top GMs are on ICC because it was established first and that's where the GMs first went.  Chessbase's Playchess was next and some are there, too, but these guys have no need for multiple memberships.  They probably only play when they are bored or need to kill an hour.


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