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Magnus:King of the Endgames

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    Carlsen needs to write an endgame book.

    Teach me master..Cry

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    Yes, Carlsen really did beat Kramnik convincingly in this endgame. Combined with Anand's loss, things are not looking good for the older generation.

    Yes. And against Kramnik, of all people.

    You don't see him lose like that too often.

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    In general, when comparing the endgame strength of players today with that of Karpov, Smyslov etc, it's hard to exaggerate the importance of the adjournments. I was just reading a bit in the first volume of Kasparov on Kasparov, and at several occasions Kasparov mentions that he and his team analysed the adjourned position in great detail for many hours and reached as deep as 50-60 ply down in some variations.

    It is a big difference between playing a long game in one go, with little time on the clock, and to get an evening and night to analyse the position together with a team of GMs. Especially of course title matches were deeply analysed during the adjournments, and still the moves made in them were less correct than those made by the top finishers in the latest Candidates (even if the exactness of this type of analysis shouldn't be exaggerated it is still interesting to look at the results): 


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    Why is this registering as three years ago?? I know the games being referenced were played in 2013. Server error, or...?


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