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Mega Lag!!

  • #1

    I never felt so much lag in chess.com!!! What happened? Am I the only one with mega lag in here?

    I use firefox as staff recomend's, but I feel terrible lag. It started just some few days ago. To go over here to post this topic I needed like 7 minutes!!!

    And in Internet Explorer this appears:


    I will traduce you what it says:

    Windows Internet Explorer

    Stop executing this script?

    A script in this page is making Internet Explorer working much slower. If you continue with this execution, the computer may stop responding.

    Yes No

    In 6 months I'm in chess.com it never happened to me before and I'm really lagged and getting pissed off. To get from 1 match to annother it's an eternity and I don't have very much free time to spend in computer so I hope someone give me a solution for this please.

    Oh and by the way this only happends to me, the lag and the script thing in this website.

    Thanks for the attention, Portuguesx2

  • #2

    I sometimes experience the lag, and sometimes don't. So I assume its to do with how many people are using the site at the time- this site is becoming popular, so lag is going to continue to increase until the coding is combed over and a more efficient code is found Smile.

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    I think you should repost this in the help and support forum if you want the staff to look into it.

  • #4

    This solved all my problems. Now it loads 350% faster.


  • #5

    I use google chrome and I have no problerms. I think it's a combination of windows and internet explorer, together these two cause a lot of problems. You might want to switch to Linux and install google chrome, it's the best internet browser I ever tried, even better than safari.  I run Suse Linux 11.1 = D  

  • #6

    www.chess.com/membership.html -> no ads = faster site :)

  • #7

    Use Firefox and the following:

    Adblock Plus
    LinkExtend (broadband connection)
    WOT (Dial-up connection)
    Dr. Web link scanner


    No popups!

  • #8

    I agree 100% !!! The Interface looks better but there can be only 2 reasons why the lag has gotten so VERY VERY BAD. Either people are cheating with bots or there are issues that chess.com can NOT RESOLVE. I just got a free trial period so I came back. I beat people where I have 30 seconds left and they are out of time or the other way around (NOT REALISTIC IN 1 MINUTE GAMES). I know I am NOT cheating and I can't believe that there are so many dishonest people. It has to be the site !!!

  • #9

    With this much lag, chess.com is an awful chess site no matter how much they rave about their new layout. They have to learn how to code efficiently but they're mediocre at best. Sad. Moving on to another site. Losers!

  • #10

    I've literally lost over half my games because of lag, just my last game I had all his pieces except for pawns and I had queen and bishop and 20 seconds left and I couldn't get 3 moves off.................... over a dozen games lost because of lag. It's unplayable.

  • #11

    After years of playing, am experiencing SUPER LAG, making impossible to play a game. Lost the last three due to SUPER LAG. Experience on no other site or program. Tried all connection combos. Simply can't play here anymore. Sad.

  • #12

    sometimes i simply can't move the pieces, don't know what can be done about it. seems worse lately.

  • #13

    I just lost a game thanks to it!


  • #14

    It timed me out without allowing me to move!


  • #15

    I'm using Chrome and it's still pretty bad.  It's so bad, I'm not even sure if it's me or my opponent that is being lagged/ disconnected.  I just watched my opponents clock run all the way down.  I thought maybe he was disconnected.  Then a few seconds after zero his clock went back to 4 minutes, his move was on the board, and it was me that was about to lose on time.

  • #16

    this happens to me, too. somedays it works great, other days i lose game after game. i imagine it more or less evens out in the long run.

  • #17

    It takes too much to drag a piece on this site. That is why Lichess.org does it better (bullet).

  • #18

    Same here.

  • #19

    here i only get a black screen when choosing "live chess".


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