Member Analysis with GM Jesse Kraai


Hi Jesse. Here is a game I played on Lichess at 30+30 TC.  While I won the game I was very unsure about how to handle the position.  The center was all blocked up, and I played for pawn levers to open things up and get some space for my pieces.  It did not go as I had hoped and I'm wondering what advice you would offer.  I think I would play for ...f6 earlier since the White e5 pawn is supported by only 1 pawn.  Therefore when I exchange on e5, if she ever recaptures with the d4 pawn I get a passed pawn on d5.




BubbaTough crushes me yet again, but this time I didn't lose out of the opening. Why? Because I looked up the opening! grin.png Did not memorize lines but saw the main ideas in the opening. Opening prep FTW. Of course I lost the game because I'm the weaker player but I could at least make a game out of it unlike the first time, and on a different day maybe even the outcome would have been different.

This 5. Bd3 Seirawan variation is a bit annoying for KID players. Looks like if white wants a slower maneuvering game, he can get it in this line. 





Hi Jesse! 

Here is a game I played in the Raburn Series Premier League, a team round-robin founded by the Illinois High School Chess Association (IHSA). This is week 7 of the competition and I found myself on board 2 for my team, the "SteamROLers", vs the opponent, "Socially Distant Opposition". While my team would proceed to lose the match, I was rather pleased with my victory versus National Master Mitch Fishbein (@everyfishknows), which I believe to be one of my most accurate wins against a titled opponent. The time control of the game is 15 + 10. I'm really looking forward to your thoughts on the game and my comments!