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Write down some of your thoughts on what's going on in the game you submitted. Also please say when and where the game was played, time control. - Looking forward to the show!



Played OTB in Gothenburg, Sweden, 90min + 30s increment time control.



Jesse hello !  You are great. ))

Play me please... someday maybe !






This game was played on this site in November, with a three-day time control. I hope other viewers will find it interesting and will learn from my mistakes.





An online game I played last year. Even though it was a blitz game (5+5) I thought it was a great learning experience for me. The game went into a very rich and complex endgame where both players made mistakes.




An old game, but even though I'm about over 200 ratings points stronger since then, I'm still not sure what to make of this game, or these structures in general.



Played very camly up to c6-c5 but then I pressed hard for a win, that created chances for both sides. That seams to happen to me alot. 


Thanks for looking at these games, Jesse! Yet another game in 2 hours, 5-second delay at the Mechanics' Marathon.



This is the thrid round  of a tournament that was  a big disapointment  for me. In the second round i had a very nice win against an opponet rated about 1900. I was unfortunatly unable to keep the momentum and  in the third round i suffered one of my most horrible losses ever in a classical game.  I blundered already on the tenth move and had to toss in the towel after my opponent's 22'nd move. This game shows a phenomenon when one makes an error and then the blunders come one after another. 



Hi Jesse,


 This time, I present a loss against a 10 year old talented opponent (rated around 2000). This was the result of an opening miscalculation (something that's happened to me 3-4 times in a row last month, but I'm overcoming it now) but how he converted it is instructive (especially some of his moves approaching the endgame, shutting down my pawn advance). 

90/40, SD30, +30".






Hello GM Kraai,

Loved seeing you and other chess celebrities at the Denver Open. Here's a game from the DCC where I may have missed some opening ideas but found a win. I'm not to familiar with how people play the semi-slav at a high level so I just decided to wing it.. got luck my opponent didn't find a solid refutation to my ideas. Here's the game (playing with the black pieces):