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Resolved: missing game

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    I was wondering if someone could tell me why I lost to a higher rated player (He was 1620 and I was 1599) and lost 15 points with a rook and pawn endgame (Online chess). Also, the game has disappeared, it's not on my finished games yet my rating is 15 pts lower. I don't understand why my rating fell so much

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    By chance do you have an email announcing your turn in the game where you can see a game ID number? 

  • #3

    It was vs. jamesb57 in the 3rd monthly done right tournament. Not sure how to find game id number.

  • #4

    I think the FEN: 2r5/2P5/3KP1pk/5p1p/7P/8/6P1/2RR4 b --2 4s

  • #5

    Does the FEN help Calamondin? I'm trying to understand


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