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My evaluation after one month premium membership

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    I have just finished one month premium membership. the diamond membership really openned up a treasure of videos, tactics and analysis. But that was not positive all the way. too much of everything had me puzzled not knowing what to choose or what my plan would be to actually improve my chess. i took some videos, then some chess mentor training but i couldn't get a plan to improve my chess. I think there should be something to guide me on how to use all this material step by step. I didn't renew my premium and maybe that was the cause.

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    unfortunately i missed that one! thanks stormstout

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    unfortunately i missed that one! thanks stormstout

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    No problem, you can always access it through "Learn" in the bar up there.

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    There are also many old threads about how to study. Just sift through the 1100 players offering their concrete advice, and some of the jokes that follow. Many darn good players here have given many others very good advice.

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