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My Favourite Chess Studys

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    Hey Chessfriends, in this thread I will show you some of favourite chess studys. Next week I might continue this series.Hope you enjoy them all and good luck by solving them! :)

    1: Cat and mouse game:

    2:Platov, 1914. Fantastic stalemate combi:


    3:Fantastic Reti study, "The useless queen"


    4: K.Sumbatjan,1987,extremly hard study. "Carzy Underpromotion"


    5: " A legendary last piece"


    6:Kubbel,1926;  "The last drawing chance"


    7:Liburkin; "black squares dance"


    8: " Crazy Desperados"


    Thats it, guys. Please feel free to comment on this post and tell me if you like those studys. Should I continue this series? 

    Cheers, Till :)

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    very very usefull:)

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    Thank you Till. They are really challenging, can´t believe I´ve already found solution of first study.

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    Thanks guys

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    nice set Till!

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    Cat and Mouse was a lot of fun. Black just wants you to take his Rook so he can stop the game. Yeah Right!

    As for the one with 2 dark square Bishops, I had a friend show me that one time. Knowing me I probably would have promoted to a Queen and stop the game without looking at the board first.

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    5th study: 1.Bc2,Ne4 2.bxe4,Kg8 3.d8=Q,Kf7 4. Qe7,Kg8 5. Qe8 . Am I wrong?

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    What is a cat and mouse game? Can't we promote the pawn and checkmate?

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    The rook is always checking you. If you take the rook, it's stalemate.

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    alekspachalov99 wrote:

    5th study: 1.Bc2,Ne4 2.bxe4,Kg8 3.d8=Q,Kf7 4. Qe7,Kg8 5. Qe8 . Am I wrong?

    Yeah, the Kt should be on g4, not h5.


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