My friend is deliberately trying to stall on online chess.


My friend made a online chess game where you take 15 days to move. I don't know if i can do anything about it, but it is seriously bugging me. He may be really sad that i won against him 5 times, but on the last day he makes a move. This game would probably take a year. Can i somehow abort this game under certain conditions? I wonder if stalling is just plain mean or its ok... If i am an active player this is troubling...


You and your opponent agreed to this 15days/move. If you want it to end quickly just resign.


Maybe i should sneak up to him and just make him resign


telling opponent to resign is consider rude.


     Maybe you should get new friends...Undecided


Tell him you'll resign if he plays so slowly and see what happens.

A chess friend (on here) of mine got me to play him at that speed, because, as he said, sometimes he doesn't get access to the internet. But he played most of his moves within ten minutes each and he lost all the games. To me, three days per move is a very fast limit if you're playing too many games. A few years ago I tried playing fifty to seventy games at a time: my rating went up to about 2250 and then I cracked up and resigned them all. Now I like about four to six max, always at 3 days per move. This time my rating isn't going to go higher than it is now ... either the competition is much better or I can't hold game plans in my mind any more. But I don't like being mind-fucked.


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Hi Eric pan


kco is right: you agreed to the terms when you accepted the game. If you want to play faster, start another game with someone else.


Yeah, just resign you game with fluorescent_blaze (Julian Kam) because you agreed on 15 days.


Daniel mah please dont mention people real life names online. Yes i do know Julian Kam as well.


Kay: But we've still got him as one.


I would suggest mating him asap grin.png


nice eric

That was 3 years ago.....

WHY did you agree to 15 days/move unless you expected there would be multiple periods approaching 14 days between moves?

When I played ICCF international postal chess in the 1970's, the Cold War was on and postcards between me and some players in Eastern Europe's Iron Curtain Nations took a month to get back and forth.  I stopped playing ICCF after the round of games that took me so long.