My Newest Chess Design (3D)


I appreciate the encouragement, @Kowarenai.

@ChessWithGautham, this set will be manufactured in wood.  The diagram model figures' bright coloration  is nothing more than a virtual demo display.


oooh sounds fancy

Can you make the bishop make them like not flowers?
I like it

Sadly, the Bishop for this set will remain this style of miter-head. It's one of the components that makes it unique. happy.png

I respect that not everyone likes it. From my observation of this thread so far, many commenters  do, but obviously, there are those that have a different preference. And, that's fine. 

This isn't the only design I'm working on. This is just the one that's currently done. I have a few old ones, and yet another new one that needs to be polished. (3D-space modeling isn't always the easiest task in the world! heh)