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My rating is stuck in tactics

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    Hi guys. The title says it all, I did 385 tactics today and my rating is stuck, fluctuating between 1020-1060. I didn't improve at all. Any suggestion?

    @Sorry, my bad, around 140 today.

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    140 in day wow. my suggestions - take break .change ur focus from increasing the rating to learning tactics

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    Here's a step by step solution for ya tacticop:

    Step 1. Go to http://chesstempo.com/tactical-motifs.html

    Take at least 30 mins and read carefully over the descriptions and diagrams of the tactical motifs. These are essentially all of the "tactics" that you will ever see, or know. More advanced tactics are just combinations of these individual motifs!

    Do this at least 2 to 3 times over the span of a week

    Step 2 - (May be pursued concurrently with step 1):

    Go to http://chesstempo.com/chess-tactics.html

    You can choose your problem difficulty, and the default setting is of a standard "time control" (chess.com's is essentially blitz)

    You need to improve your board awareness, and tactical understanding. Only then will you defeat the almighty Tactic Trainer.

    The chess.com trainer is a brilliant tool, but it is better for "tactical recognition" rather than "solving puzzles", as it is a timed exercise.

    You need to learn to solve some puzzles first bro.

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    Thanks! I had already read a page of tactical motifs thouroughly, but it wasn' t complete like this one.

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    Yeah that one there is great.

    Remember that your pieces can only take advantage of a situation if there is a weakness in your opponent's position. Look for a weak king, an undefended or misplaced piece(as in a trapped piece) or a nasty pin or something

    I'm no pro but I've got some good-intentioned advice for you:

    Once you find yourself analysing variations in your games, rather than just imagining YOUR ideal next few moves(important hurdle to overcome), then you're ready to master the basic tactics via some blitz tactics. Each of these "skills"- foresight, positional and tactical analysis, and "intuition", are all independent studies. Interestingly enough, the only one that requires you to actually play chess is the latter..

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    If you could noticeably improve you chess rating after 1 day of practice (even if you practiced all day) then we'd all be masters.

    Check your rating after a few months of doing tactics every day.  If it hasn't improved then you can start to wonder if you're doing something wrong.

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    Ohhhh thanks you both.

    All this because... I plan to get 2500 fide rating before summer vacation.

    Now you just though: Wtf? This guy is crazy! He won't even reach 1500! Ya you're right, because I was joking, I plan to get 1200. 

    Have a nice day ;)

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    Do you make sure you understand them after attempting them?

    I would suggest this site:


    He explains how the tactics work, and builds from easy to hard positions.

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    Thanks a lot, I think that it's what misses me the more, building them.

    I'll take a whole week to read the 2 websites again and again and do every exercice on them.

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    When you have completed all the tactics on chesstempo, take some time to read My System by Nimzowitch, then play some tournaments, then win the IM titel.

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    I just went to fide website to see how much fide rating is needed for Im title and... instead of finding this information, I saw that there are people rated over 2525 at age 14... You kidding me?!

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    When you miss something in TT go back and do it over again, don't just go on to the next problem. Make sure you "get it" before starting another one.

    Maybe you'd be better off doing this sort of stuff out of a book which has chapters on specific motifs which encourages PATTERN RECOGNITION (fathom the concept) - every problem in the chapter demonstrates the same concept, for instance: backrank mates, x-ray attack, diversion, etc. Reinfeld's 1000 Checkmates & 1000 Winning Combinations are worth considering; read a few customer reviews before buying either one as there are many similar books available as well. I recommend Reinfeld because his books are cheap (used copies) and way better than nothing.



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    Thanks you too for books suggestions. In tactic trainer, I always do what you said, if no, it would have been a time waste.


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