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My Tournament Games Part 1

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    Hey everyone, I recently went to Westfield Quads on Sunday, May 19th. My USCF rating was 1414, and it is kind of confusing to tell you my score right now, you'll see why. 

    Okay so first round I played against a 1459 USCF player.

    Here is the game:

    I'll post the second game tomorow...

    Thanks for wathcing and give me a few tips if you can... thanks!


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    you DIDN'T play 3..d5? I'm disappointed. good game though. other than the hanging rook.

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    If memory serves, the Westfield Quads were part of the ground-breaking "Sunday Quads" program, where several locations around the state held a one-day Quad on the same day each month.  It began in the '70s and was adopted by other states, too, but I don't know how many still have them.

    The idea was to provide rated play in an era when there weren't so many local tournaments, giving players a chance to keep in shape without having to invest in a weekend tourney out of town.  Quad winners got nominal prizes and a free entry to the next month.  Win three quads in six months and there was another prize.  It was a great program, looks like at least one city carries on the tradition.


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