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Need Recommendations...

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    Hello, Do you think i should stick to one opening? I'm planning to use Nimzo-Larsen Attack (1.b3) as my only white repertoire.Do you think i should devout and stick to one opening? I don't have much time for chess, i can only spare like 30 minutes to 1 hour in chess as i have other things to do and do you have any recommendations for my black repertoire? At the moment i  play the Benko Gambit against 1.d4, i really like it since i like to attack. I like to attack the queenside using Benko Gambit. Against 1.e4 i play Scandinavian (2...Qxd5 followed by 3...Qa5)  against but i always get passive position which i don't really like. I think i should switch to another opening against 1.e4. I like to play agressively, i like to attack. Any recommendations? 

    By the way this is my set up against 1.e4

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    By the way comments are welcome!

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    I play the Nimzo-Larsen Attack (1.b3) a lot and in my opinion its a good opening . Here are the videos I learn the larsen attack and there is a part 2 of the video both go 30 with an good explanation


    The big advantage playing this opening that your opponent most likely won't be prepared on it

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    Thanks Tom.

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    MehranHassan wrote:

    By the way this is my set up against 1.e4


    e x Bf5 +/-

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    In all seriousness, if you like to attack as black, ditch the Scandi and the Benko.  Both are seriously fine openings, but not exactly bloodthirsty.  One aims for rock-solid solidity, and the other aims for long-term positional pressure.  Good goals, to be sure, but not exactly hack and slash.  (Speaking of which, in terms of hack and slash, it would be difficult to think of a worse choice than the Nimzo-Larsen.)

    Against 1.e4, go for either ...e5, or the Dragon.  If you go ...e5, you'll need an aggressive line against the Ruy (maybe the Schliemann? (sp?)).  But against most of white's tries, black can get pretty aggro without being unsound.

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    Check out Natalia Pogonina's article on one or multiple openings.

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    give the Latvian gambit a try if ur so bloodthirsty.not exactly sound openings....but at least you'll get the type of game ur after

    and also the Dragon of course...but be prepared for heaps of theory.and even then....white has quiet options.if u try to force the issue in these quiet positions u'll get moped up.I say just have a more flexible mindset instead of attack attack attack.it'll get u better results.

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    Young man,  improve your chess play overall and then most every opening

    can be played.

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    If your time is limited, forget openings, they will just waste your time.  Practice tactics, play 1 e4 and play 1 e4 e5 and 1 d4 d5, and follow the basic rules of development

    Play games at the slowest time you can if you want to get better.  Blitz and bullet may be great fun but they won't improve your game.  It's a thinking game, and that takes time.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Heh, every once in awhile I run into someone who does the same set-up while ignoring my opening.  In blitz sometimes I'll just copy their moves because obviously they don't know wth they're doing and we get into a middlegame in an equal position Tongue out

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    Hi Mehran,  The opening is the only part of the game where you can go toe to toe with anyone. It's mostly just memorization.  Always lead with d4 or e4 then you will know what to expect. Playing black in the opening is more difficult because you have to be knowledgeable to some degree with the half dozen common openings for white.

    Here is a site I've found that has helped me tremendously in learning openings.     http://www.eudesign.com/chessops/ch-clear.htm 

    I'm not a GM but just an average player and this is just my opinion.  also welcome to the Geezers my friend.    Scut

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    Thanks for your comments.


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