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New Years chess resolutions

  • #1

    Hey all! My goal is to make 2000 :) what's yours?

  • #2
    At least 2012
  • #3
    Hahaha Nice resolution Superoloan
  • #4

    To quite playing.

  • #5

    I figure I'll get a FIDE rating, maybe I'll get it up to 1500? 
    (I'm not a big tournament player, but I figure I'll go to a few since I'll be moving to Europe soon.) 

  • #6

    Mine is also to become 2000!! I am slightly closer and a tad more serious. My actual chess goal is to make sure I do 20 minutes of tactics daily. I slumped in the last month, but tactics got me from 1200 to 1650... I know it is a good goal!

  • #7

    To stop Making Damn New Years Resolutions... Oh woops, that is my regular one, I guess it is to make it to 1600 here, cause at the moment, getting FIDE membership is a little out of reach time wise.

  • #8
    get serious about my career.. And 2000+ here!
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  • #10
    i wish my rating rises like my member points!! :p
  • #11

            2012  Cool JUST   WIN  BABY !!!!!!!!!!



  • #12
    I wish mine did to haha I guess a lot of us have high rating goals to :)
  • #13

    to read as many chess books as possible Laughing

  • #14

    1700 USCF. The tricky part will be playing in enough tournaments to get there.

    Of course, last year's was to go from 1086 to 1200, and I reached 1533. So if I can exceed my goal by the same amount, then 2033 it is!

  • #15

    reach 2200 OTB and 2000 on chess.com. and become facebooks strongest chess player.

  • #16

    my goal is FM

  • #17

    I want to rule the world.

    And get 2200 OTB

  • #18

    Work dilligently on some aspect of my game for a minimum of an hour a day, every day, and maintain my current tournament schedule. 

  • #19

    Promote science, reason, and evidence-based thinking.

  • #20

    goal/resolution: stop making stupid, dumb, ignorant, poorly thought out, blockheaded, doltish, dimwitted, dense, moves; I think you get the idea. 

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