Notation issues ???


Can you guys clear this up for me?  I was under the impression that in notation a dodgy move was written and follwed by ? If it was extremely dodgy ???  A good move would be followed by !  So I can't figure out what ?! means.  I suspect its another variation of extremely dodgy but I'm not sure.  Undecided


?! = dubious

!? = interesting


Both are "possibly good or bad", in different ways :-)


?  usually means a bad move or blunder and ?? is usually a losing move .


!     a particularly good (and usually surprising) move

!!    an excellent move

?     a bad move

??    a blunder

!?    an interesting move that may not be best

?!    a dubious move - one which may turn out to be bad



???   the sole domain of over-enthusiastic teenagers                     (e.g. LOLOLOLOMGOMGMGLOLZLOLZLOLZ....I'm sure you get the picture now) Laughing



So for a 'sicilian' 1.e4 c5 2.c4!?, c4 is an interesting move?

For me, c4 to defend against a sicilian is not the best of moves, but how interesting can it get. Maybe it should be 2.c4?! (dubious)

I read an article in about the creator of chess notation, but I forgot his name. Does anyone know what it is?


Somewhere in Fine's Basic Chess Endings he gives a move !!!! (or was that !!!--it's been years lol)

That's the most I've ever seen.


Yes, I think on very special occasions ??? and !!! can be warranted.

Also possible (and I've seen from a couple of sources) is !?!?!? - a mindbogglingly crazy complicated move where it's impossible to tell what's going on. Usually pre-computer era ;)


I've seen the extra-weird ones used for illegal moves that went unnoticed (and were interesting/winning/etc), but can't think of any example right now.


Fine goes a bit crazy in BCE with the exclams but I suppose he had his own standards.


Thanks to all you guys. Smile