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Old Chess Games

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    Looking for a web site maintaining data base of past games .   I have been using Chessgames.com. 

    Is there any other ones out there ?

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    I know this is information you mite have but try a search for ( pgn chess ) maybe add database over the last year I have collected about 3-4 million games 1600 to present Lars Baltzer games

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    I haven't tried that search yet.  Will try sometime.


    http://chesstempo.com/   I have found this one as well.     Thanks







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    Is there something wrong with chess.com?


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    There is nothing wrong with c.com.  I am looking for specific games between masters and am able to find most of the games I am looking for  either in my current PGN database 1/2 million games or the two web sites I have posted.

    Unless I have missed something c.com explorer doesn't search via name of player

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    There's a whole bunch here:



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