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One for the UK members

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    Do you have an ECF rating in the UK, if so how does that relate to the standard rating on Chess.com. I am approx 1400, I undestand there is a formula of take away 600 and devide by 8 which would give me an ECF of 100.

     But how real world is this. Can UK members post their chess.com rating together with their UK ECF rating, hopefully we can see if there is any measurable relationship between the two.

     Thanks to all who participate.

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    I think you mean ECF not ELO mate ;-)

    For what it's worth ECF (Jul 13 = 174, Jan 14 = 170)

    FIDE 1848   (which if you follow the formula is equivalent to 156)........so in my case they don't correspond too well

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    Sorry, about the ELO ECF thing, being harrassed by my 5 year old. I will edit original post.

    Good coments Thank You

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    Don't forget chess.com ratings don't probably correspond too well to FIDE ratings because of difference in playing conditions (time limits) and unfortunately a little cheating as well.

    I'm sure there will be posts if you search on FIDE V chess.com ratings Wink

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    Ziggy_Zugzwang wrote:

    I'm sure there will be posts if you search on FIDE V chess.com ratings

    I already posted a link to the best thread on that subject...

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    Thanks for you responses Guys, bottom line I am thinking of joining a chess club, somewhere in Cheshire. Just wanted to get an idea of of my playing strenth in the real world. Not wanting to make a fool of myself.


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