Online chess vendors?


I need a new scorepad soon, and I'm not going to be attending any major events with a book vendor for a few months, so I want to mail order one. I was also thinking of buying a particular chess book, so I figured I'd buy them together to combine the shipping. Unfortunately, doesn't carry chess scorebooks, and the two chess sales sites I've tired (the official USCF site and don't have the book I want, which is surprising, since it's a recent and popular book.

So does anyone have any recommendations for other online US chess vendors I could try?



Fromper, check I've placed several orders through them and been satisfied with the pricing, accurate descriptions, and delivery time.


That one doesn't have the book I want, either. Odd that it's so hard to find a popular, recent book at chess sites, but has it in stock. If amazon sold scorebooks, I'd buy from them.


What book are you looking for?


"A Spanish Repertoire for Black" by Marin.


Check out Silman's site and his store.  He is the licensed US distributor for Quality Chess publishing and usually has their goodies long before other web portals.  Many chess sites link to his store front, but if you prefer to surf, just Google away and you will be there in moments.


i am curious if chess vendors is a successful business.

not many people play chess compared to other hobbies like golf or swimming

i was wondering who buys this stuff like the over priced chess book and dvds.

IT is so hard

Have you tried ChessCentral?

MickinMD has Marin's book here:

$21.69 new, from $8.99 + $3.99 shipping used.

and it has a whole lot of chess scorebooks listed here:

- if that long URL doesn't work just search "chess scorebooks" on Amazon.

I have the relatively simply "The Chess Store" scorebook that's here for $8.95:

but it might be cheaper elsewhere, though if you have Amazon Prime you don't pay for any shipping.  There are lots of other and maybe better scorebooks, but I'm set in my decades-old simple ways.