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    Would anyone who has a significantly higher rating than I like to play an online (correspondence) game with me and explain their moves, while judging mine through the chat box? This would greatly improve my chess. Send me a challenge if you're willing. Thanks a lot. (I prefer to play 3 day/turn unrated, but if you want otherwise that's fine too.)

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    In other words, you want free coaching Wink.

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    There is a topic "free lessons" you might check out.  Also some of teams offer this service.

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    adamplenty wrote:

    In other words, you want free coaching .

    that's another way to put it :P

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    Well, I suppose if LongIslandMark can do it, so can I. Our Online ratings are similair, and I also warn you that I'm no expert and I don't know everything by heart. I WILL make blunders of my own Wink.

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    yup, I'm sure I'll learn lots


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