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Opponent Account disabled queries

  • #1

    Hi folks I was playing a correspondence game with an opponenet with some X  and his account was disabled while our game is stuck at move 21.

    I guess may be he's using programs (since he won 35 and lost none,drawn none , he joined on Nov-05 2012, moreover he disables chat !).

    Anyway, the question is will this game be abandoned or I win on time ??

  • #2

    You will win on time.

    Do it quick: No naming and shaming! ;) Edit the post and delete opponents name before staff do that! :)

  • #3

    Thanks MSC157 i edited opponent's name, now how can I claim victory even before the time runs out?

  • #4

    That's probably not possible. Just wait patiently and celebrate a win against him! :)

  • #5

    @MSC157: Celebrate a win against a zombie !! [email protected]!


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