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OTB Tournament Question?

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    so i was wondering what happens if you sign up for a USCF otb tournament in a certain rating group, but then before the tournament takes place, your rating goes up above the limit for that group?

    the specific reason i was wondering was because I registered for the world open, which isnt until july, and i was looking at the list of people who registered early, and i noticed that one person had recently gained a rating of well over the limit for the group they were in. their official rating hadnt been published yet, but their unofficial rating was way over the limit.


    will they be allowed to stay in the lower group or will they have to move up for the tournament?

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    they will use your current monthly supplement rating for the tournament pairings and groups.

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    what do you mean? current as in when you register, or current as in when the tournament takes place?

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    neither, you have to look yourself up on uschess.org, then see your April supplement rating.

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    Current when the tournament month

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    sjrhernandez2013 wrote:

    Current when the tournament month


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    oh okay good. i was worried because this guys profile looked kinda fishy actually. he was at about 800, but then he played in one tournament where he beat 2 1700s to get all the way up to over a thousand, and i was worried he would still be able to play in the u900 section.

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    fortunately he won't play in your group if u r under 900.

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    no, he won't he will play in whatever rating he is at that time

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    it can be both


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