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Other than praying, how should a patzer play against a much stronger opponent?

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    Ubik42 wrote:
    PatzerLars wrote:
    GiorgiVanDerway wrote:

    200 points OTB means nothing if your opponent isnt at least an expert

    Actually rating points in general don't mean anything to the game ahead. Only the moves that are made. Don't psyche yourself out !

    Yeah, except for the inconvenient fact that higher rated players tend to beat lower rated players.

    That's how it should be. Nevertheless, there is no point in beating yourself.

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    Don't be afraid of your opponent because he/she is higher rated. A huge advantage stronger players have in this matchup is that their opponents tend to not exploit their mistakes. The weaker player does  not seek to exploit these mistakes simply due to the rating difference. Be aggressive and don't be afraid to exploit your opponent's mistakes!


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