Participating in first will it go?

Blunderpatzer wrote:

 Out of curiosity, what is your Fide Elo WobblySquares? We have a roughly similar blitz and rapid rating, so I wonder if our OTB ratings correspond also.


Now that wouldn't be a total waste of time and would actually satisfy other's curiosity. It would be interesting if they started being able to assign an estimated FIDE rating to us based on all of our activity on the site.

DeirdreSkye wrote:

       If you want to leave the tournament after 2 consecutive losses, chess is not for you. You must not leave even after 8 or 80 consecutive losses. Chess is a personality crash test and if you can't handle disappointment you better forget it. It has tons of it. My guess is that you will get a decent score that will give you an ego-boosting and a reason to brag but that doesn't solve anything. Disasters in chess are inevitable. If it isn't in this tournament it will be in the next one. Learning to handle disasters is an inseparable part of a good chessplayer.  It's not only disasters you need to handle, success is a problem too also . Inexperienced players become reckless after one or 2 good results.

    So here is the one and only thing you need to do:

Learn to play each game like it is the first one. 

   It's normal to be sad after a bad result or to be happy after a good one. But once the game starts, everything must be ancient  history. This is not easy , needs practice and experience.

    Enjoy this wonderful experience and focus in absorbing every drop of knowledge and experience it will offer you.


    Eat lightly before and during the tournament(sandwich with whole grain bread,  boiled chicken and vegetables is highly recommended). Stomach problems will make you play bad but you don't want to feel hungry either. Have a fruit with you as it offers long lasting energy because of fructose but avoid anything that has sugar as it creates a burst of energy levels and  a quick drop. Banana is the perfect solution as it is light for the stomach and offers tyrosine and tryptophan that are used as brain fuel. And rest well!

     Good luck!


Awesome advice!


Currently participating in a tournament and played my 3 first rapid games today, ended up scoring 2/3, completely blundered away my bishop against a 1770 elo guy.

Here is a game I played against a 1611 ELO rated player, didn't even bother thinking too much and I only used 17 mins on the clock, opponent used 40.





 ANOTHER update:


Have a 2.5/4 score. Average opponent rating 1750.

Drew a 1855 guy yesterday. I guess my 1850 blitz/1700 rapid on corresponds to roughly 1800 FIDE STD.

Just saying, you’d probably need to participate in a larger amount of tournaments to develop a more accurate correlation between the FIDE and ratings
cellomaster8 wrote:
Just saying, you’d probably need to participate in a larger amount of tournaments to develop a more accurate correlation between the FIDE and ratings


Yep I know but seeing as I’ve played a 23 round blitz tournament and also absolutely crushed 1600 std players on 1hr+ games it’s an estimate that my rating is definitely somewhere between 1700-2000