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pgn viewer for websites

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    robbie_1969 wrote:


    Long live open source!


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    i tried exporting the game in both html , and html + javascript, using scid vs pc. I am getting only the notation, not the board. How to get the board? and how to add it to the blog?

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    I could not do it either, use this site, its awesome


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    I think you;ll find it makes more than 1 file, in fact it  makes one for each game in your pgn.

    For example, if you call your file Carlsen.html and it has 6 games, it will make 7 files: Carlsen.html, Carlsen_1.html, Carlsen_2.html........Carlsen_7.html.

    The Carlsen.html file will not show a board, only notation. The others all show boards, and you can navigate between them.

    I have this working on my pc, how to upload it you will have to ask some one else, I dunno.

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    You have this Pgn Viewer at this page



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