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Playing chess against yourself..

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    LongIslandMark wrote:
    reflectivist wrote:

    Everytime I play chess with myself, I win.  That's how great I am.

    Curiously, I played myself now and then years ago (pre-internet). I somehow always managed to lose.

    Did you still shake hands with the other guy?

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    When I play with myself, the other me always cheat

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    I always play against another person.

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    It's like playing with an opponent and discussing each move over and over again, sometimes taking back, the final result is a draw.   Boring.

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    isn't that just like talking to yourself

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    Check out the great short story "Fool's Mate" by Stanley Ellin. It features mild-mannered George, married to the shrewish and narrow-minded Louisa, who one day receives a chess set from a friend. This being the era before computers or the Internet, George tries to persuade  his termagant wife to play--but she has no time for silly games.

    So George tries--thousands of times--to play against himself, always taking the black pieces and trying to "forget" what white is up to. He finally succeeds, but is the price worth paying?

    I wish I could provide a link, but it appears it's only available in print form. I read it in one of Irving Chernev's great anthologies.

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    When I play with myself I sometimes surprise myself with my moves because I think differently in both sides. 

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    skakmadurinn wrote:

    I always play against another person.


    Really? At least you expect playing a person.

    The same way I expect you being still alive and able to read this after 4 years.


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