Playing chess in real life vs online


Does anyone else have a problem that when playing with REAL chess board in real life, you can think clear, attack aggresively and is really good, but really terrible when playing online?


My blitz rating always goes up and down, about 3 weeks ago my rating was 1700 and now it goes down to 1500. i stopped and decided to play on Lichess because of free analyzing and puzzles. in that website my blitz rating is 1800, but sometimes it also goes down. i do blunder, because sometime i dont pay attention to match, because opponent took so long. sometime it makes me bored that i open new tab and go to youtube listen to some music while waiting.

While in other hand, In real life i must say that my play  is just different, i can think clearly, and in peace. I've joined a chess torunaments few times and won 3rd place once.


My question is, Do you guys  have this problem? how do you deal with it? Different style playing real life and online. and inconsistent rating and such

Opposite for me. I find it harder to calculate on a 3D board and my overall board vision is definitely worse.

If you are low and scrambling for time, it is more comfortable to play online than OTB. At OTB when you are scrambling for time, pieces can lie down or be misplaced. You  can also get penalize for illegal moves. At OTB blitz if you allowed your king to be captured, you loses the game.  At OTB,you also need to press the clock with the hand that you used to make a move.

Easier for me too to play in real life

I do share similar experiences.

Mainly it's because I was taught over the board, and grew up in a time before iPads.

But as it is with Time & Technology. there'll be elements of benefits - stated many times over on similar topics.



I have more trouble seeing, at a glance, bishop control along diagonals on a real board but I still prefer one, probably because I grew up with only real boards.

I guess it depends what you're used to or what you grew up with like some said. I'm the opposite of what was said here already, I learned to play chess on the iPad (thanks to and I am much better than when playing in real, where I also need much more time to think and visualise everything. Also, in real I'm having a harder time distinguishing some of the pieces (depending on their design), so I can't handle quick really, I always have to check a lot of things.
Pingpong4353 wrote:
Opposite for me. I find it harder to calculate on a 3D board and my overall board vision is definitely worse.


Ooooh, that's not good.  Another argument to reduce the amount of time playing online.


After all, the vast majority of people respect Classical OTB chess and the official rating that comes from OTB chess than the ratings from online chess.


I've played 25,000+ games on this site and roughly 90%+ were played on my iPhone.


I definitely play best on the phone, worse on the computer, and much worse OTB.  I think it's because I'm just used to it.

The real people i play are extremely inferior to online players, prolly cause they dont play as much?
I am more used to playing on computer screens than OTB. The difference is slight but I do notice it.

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I don't really see the difference. Nothing prevents me from playing bad both OTB and online.

DavidHHH wrote:

Women are often beautiful on TV but are always more fun to interact with in real life.

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I'm the same way. Person to person, I am 10 times better than when I play online. Not sure why that is, but I know that I am not nearly as consistent as here as I am in front of a board