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Positional Chess Help!

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    I have been trying to increase my positional awareness in chess. I have not read any books or had any teachers. I've been trying to employ ideas from articles and forums on chess.com and here is a game I'd like some feedback on. How did I do with my positional study? In this game in particular, I was attempting to not do so many viariations and simply play positonal ideas like space, bad piece/good piece, exposed king, etc etc.

    Let me know where I make mistakes or where my comments are inaccurate, please.

    I think his resignation was fine, as when I studied the variations I was ahead at least a piece. Also note that combinations where Nxb6, Nxb6 Bxe6 forks were nice to look at but I was worried i wouldn't be able to convert it into a win and I would be left with a very bad pawn structure and bishop. But regardless of that, I was more curious of how I did by playing the position? I was very happy with how I spotted the Bd3/Bc4/Bb3/Nc4 combination. Normally I would just try to attack all the time with a rook lift or some other move. So was my analysis on the positon correct? Thanks for feedback.
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    I've read articles on chess.com...namely gserper's openings for tactical players and other various articles by silman and arun/magesh. i know some openings to a certain point. I also have been playing for awhile so I have experience with some ideas and game situations.

    I'm simply asking how I played. How did I play the game? How did I evaluate the positon? Was I accurate or did I miss some important ideas?

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    you played very well

    i think that you are an excellent positional player!


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