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ripley12345 please join my club here


That's not a club. 



Hello all,

I started my own chess club for the improving chess player.  Originally the idea was a means to organize and collate all of my studying/training materials.  As you may or may not know, I am an extremely active member on these boards.  I study chess theory, tactics, endgames, etc pretty much on a daily basis. I do have a profound fascination of the endgame as one of my favorite players of all time advocates as much; Jose Raul Capablanca.  As a result, it was deeply embedded in my study habits to consistently work on my endgames and tactics.  I am a very active OTB tournament player in addition to playing tons of tournaments online.

In my club, I plan to post tons of game analysis, other chess content, puzzles, articles, etc utilizing my library.  I have no problem working with others as I honestly just love the game of chess. There is an emphasis in this club about studying, improving your overall play, keeping it classy and promoting an environment to stimulate as much growth as possible.

I am on a journey to chess mastery and would be honored if you would accept my invite to be a part of my club.  Hope to see you there!

- Eddie

The Bishop Pair Chess Club:


Xadrez Henrique Mecking


The Capablanca's Fan Club


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Clubs, eh . . .


The Glory of Chess

Good friends, and good times. 

Daily chess matches, and Votechess matches.

100% drama-free.


I started a club for chess-playing occultists, the only one on to my knowledge. Got off to a good start - a ceremonial magician and a neopagan joined and posted messages in our forum, but then both grew concerned that people in RL (Real Life) might detect and disapprove of their membership in an occultist group, so they bugged out.

I don't know whether the current membership speak the same language or not, as there has been no communication, and it is possible they joined just to have another club on their profile page and maybe sport a trendy pentacle, so there you are.






ripley12345 please join my club here


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This is not Literal Wednesday.





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Pawn Checkmate - Xeque-Mate de Peão

Please join this club of chess players that study the rare pawn checkmate:

Club Crazy!