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Post your OTB, Online and Tactics rating! - Graphs done

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    MelvinDoucet wrote:

    TT ratings don't mean squat anyways. When a problem is too hard, I heard you can just refresh the page until you get an easier one without losing rating points.

    More than that, there aren't so many TT problems, so simply you'll get the same positions often.

    A good memory is enough to achieve a high rating.

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    whats the point of F5'ing when you will never understand the higher rated problems, thus never improving

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    USCF 1918 USCF blitz 2110 USCF standard 1698 (haven't played in a long time).

    Online blitz 1915 (mostly play bullet) Online Standard 1800 (don't play too much) bullet 2120

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    Tactics 2030.

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    Thank you all for additional contributions.


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