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"To Stick or Not to Stick" - That is Bobby Fischer's Question

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    Seems the removed the comment completely instead.  Not even a comment deleted placeholder.

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    waffllemaster wrote:

    Seems the removed the comment completely instead.  Not even a comment deleted placeholder.

    This shows a lack of integrity.

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    Some of you may not have noticed the attached caption to the AP Wirephoto:

    Caption attached to AP Wirephoto read: Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 14--CHESS CHAMP AND CHALLENGER - Bobby Fischer 16-year old U.S. Chess champion (center) failed to show up for the 12th game in his match with Samuel Reshevsky (left), saying that 11am is too early to play chess.  Game was forfeited to Reshevsky.  They are shown playing a game with actor Jose Ferrer (right) before opening series of matches last week.  (AP Wirephoto)  (dab20400tms)  SEE AP WIRE STORY 1961 

    (I believe Bobby was 18 at the time - not 16)

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    waffllemaster wrote:

    Before we make him out as some sort of saint recall his life choices had him lead a miserable life full of hate and fear.  He drove away all his friends, and he died alone and crazy.

    I can admire his chess, but please, don't admire that man.  Maybe here he wasn't so bad.  Missing a game certainly not.  Throwing away the whole match?  That's his grocery money as you put it.  He cut off his nose to spite his face.

    WTF?? Yo wafflleguy, if you are reffering to GM Bobby Fischer we admire him,first of all as a man and then as a chess player... Secondly how the f**k you know and who are you to judge and in which world Fischer was miserable and crazy?? are yoU on PILLS OR SOMETHING DUDE??? YOU SHOULD CHANGE THEM ASAP AND PLAY SOME FISCHER RANDOM ASAP TOO!!!! 

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    In "Bobby Fischer goes to War", it was indicated that Fischer loved to sleep in late, since he usually stayed-up late at nights. This could have been the reason why he did not want to agree to any early morning matches.


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    To put it mildly, I have no love for Bobby Fischer. However, taking out the maturity level, Fischer is LEGALLY in the right. His contract was clear; they couldn't change the time randomly so that it interfered with his schedule. From a legal standpoint, there is really no question that Fischer is fine, for it was clearly spelled out in his contract. He may not have been a good man, but that contract is all that matters in the legal sense.


    Now you have the maturity aspect. Rich lady changes time of tournament because she forgot a violin performance and forces everyone to suffer her mistake vs. guy who thinks it is "uncivil" to play chess at 11 and doesn't show up at the succeeding games as a result. They're both pretty immature. Fischer should have sued for a breach of contract and played the game in New York. The rich lady shouldn't force everyone to change their plans just because she was incompetent. As others have mentioned above, it would be like asking a sports team to play 2 hours early AN HOUR BEFORE THE NEW TIME. They need time to get ready. Had they sought the change in advance, it would be different. But they didn't.


    Clearly, both the sponsor and Fischer were pretty immature. But that doesn't matter. What matters is the legal standpoint. I'm not saying that Fischer was usually good at following contracts; he wasn't. The point is, on this one case, individually, Fischer's contract says it all.

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    The above post having been said, I should add that it wasn't really immature for Fischer to say no to a one hour notice, but not going to the game in New York was immature.

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    Admiral - Fischer did sue.  It was eventually dropped.

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    Sorry, that was not made clear in the story or the following posts. Did Fischer drop the case or did the court?

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    Fischer could go where no American had gone before, now they're livid!

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    Sorry, also - but I do not know the details of why the suit was dropped.

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    It's also possible Fischer's contract didn't really say that and the article is biased.


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