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Racism on live chess

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    Rich LIttle...

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    I heard, GW was Canadian. That is effin right folks. Former Bush jr a freakin Maple leaf hugger. How can we keep the American race pure from the canadians now. There is no level to their treachery, it is innate in their genes  folks. Wake up. 

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    As a human animal of non-color, every time I walk down the crackers aisle at the supermarket I am deeply offended by the racial stereotype inferred by that name.  Fortunately, our english brethren (sisteren?) on the other side of the atlantic long since evolved out of sensitive names like "crackers" preferring biscuits as the neutral term.   

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    joeschmo123 wrote:

    It can be justified, is all Im saying.You not understanding this just shows how prejudice you are against racists.Which is another form of intollerence.

    Well, I suppose being a human I have a certain amount of intolerance in me, so I carefully spend all of my intolerance on racist jerks so I won't be tempted to be intolerant towards people who have a shred of human decency.

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