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    Well l would have to say that for a player with a USCF rating of 1500-180 to have a rating in the 2700-2800 range on here they are most likely cheating. My USCF rating is 1840 and my best on this site has been 2072, nowhere near 2700

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    The expected answer is: They cheat. The highest have the better software and the better hardware and the better methods.

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    isthatso wrote:

    the intent of this piece is  educational.,   > how is a  high rating  achieved.?,> now  i have an idea of how titled players do it.   but what interests me is > how is it that  untitled players soar so high., what is their / your methodology to reach such super levels here on chess.com.,- thank-you for your input.., 

    Educational? hehehe It is very clear that you cannot do it unless you use chess engine. Ask my baby, he can prove it. Those people are... I don't know what to say... I already know that the chess world is full of people with such mentality. So nothing is extraordinary...

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    thomaszwijsen2 wrote:

    ...I agree why don't you put that on the facebook page ! You must look really hard to find that rule. I agree if you play on chess.com where the experienced players are I should have known. As a facebook player I am only playing chess for fun and you can not automatically expect people to know thay...

    I think it's fair to ask which banned account you formerly had, so we can gauge just how much 'fun' you had?

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    I think some players play far above their OTB rating on chess.com through extensive use of the analyze feature, and using game databases to copy upper level grandmasters.

    It seems likely that many of the titled players on chess.com play as they would OTB, while many players on chess.com put much greater amounts of time/research into determining their moves.

    (I also think cheating can be a bit rampant, it would be almost impossible to catch people using engines on say their smart phones to analyze their games and pick moves)

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    thomaszwijsen2 wrote:

    I think the mistake from chess.com is that they don't announce clearly that the use of chess software is not allowed ! 

    Only someone who really doesn't want to know about it will miss it.

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    thomaszwijsen2 wrote:I had a rating of over 2600 , ofcourse i am not an international grandmaster , but they have so many grandmasters here you can not find on an official list...it's much more fun to play without chess software but if 90 % of your opponents play the same move chess software suggests you don't have much choice...

    Of course you have a choice. If you choose to play without software, your rating will be much lower than 2600, and much less than 90% of your opponents will not play the same move suggested by chess software...

    But understand it, cheaters do not cheat because they don't know the rule. They cheat because they own the software and have the suitable mentality.

    Like you said, playing without software would be more fun. So, what is it that more powerfull than fun? The answer is simple: ego/pride.

    But I can understand your situation. Some people actually like to have fun by deceiving others, without bad motives (Isn't it "just a game"?). Some students asked me if I had the "Cheat Engine" which can gauge their score in playing certain game ("Plant & Zombie" if I'm not mistaken). I asked them why they needed it. Of course they were just having fun.

    But here the situation is different. Even at 1600 level some people are using software assistant, but only for a few critical moves/games. There is no way chess.com will find out who they are. Only that mentality (and software ownership) is the proof that they are cheaters.

    But don't be mistaken, I don't really care if my opponents use engine or not. Otherwise, I might use it myself.

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    thomaszwijsen2 wrote:

    well my banned accound was thomaszwijsen1 ofcourse ;-)

    So you're portraying yourself as some regular guy who casually uses an engine via Facebook to play here against others who, for the most part probably don't use help.


    Your former profile shows a highest rating of 2678 (6th Aug 2011) which put you well within the top half of the first percentile of highest rateds on the site.

    Before your ban you only lost 6 games out of 136 played.

    To suggest that 90% of all players here regularly use assistance shows incredibly blinkered thinking - you really shouldn't judge everyone else based on your own standards.

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    they get better than the easy computer and play it again and again on live.

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    I see, this was about cheating. Thanks for the insights guys ;-)
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    To simply answer the original question...I don't believe it involves cheating but I just think that not all the high rated untitled chess players play OTB chess and that is why they are titleless...they get that high of a rating the same way as titled players, through hard work, but they enjoy it as a fun hobby and not an OTB tourney competition...also I believe it is easier to inflate there rating on here so 2800 probably about 2500 or 2400 USCF

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    What I'd like to know is-  what is the sweet spot for new games.  I'm set to min -100 max +100.  Is there a combination of numbers that is more likely to give you a high rating over time?  It seems when I beat someone 200 points higher, my rating won't go up as high as when I beat someone just 100 points higher.  Am I crazy?  What is that sweet spot?

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    wowiezowie wrote:

    What I'd like to know is-  what is the sweet spot for new games.  I'm set to min -100 max +100.  Is there a combination of numbers that is more likely to give you a high rating over time?  It seems when I beat someone 200 points higher, my rating won't go up as high as when I beat someone just 100 points higher.  Am I crazy?  What is that sweet spot?

    I assume you're talking about the change for individual games, but in a way there's also a long-term "sweet spot".  Consistently playing people rated up to a couple hundred points above you is a good way to improve your game over the long term, and actually improving your ability is a much better way to raise your rating than just trying to juggle the number through specific match-ups.

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    to solve this problem, one have to complete a tactical trainer puzzle, before every game! this rating, will indicate how good your opponent are. maybe that would give everyone a clear insight to someones skill:)

    meaning, if your opponent have a tactical skill rating of 876, but his rating is 2800, then an alarm should ring in your head! beep......Beep.....BEEP!!!!! meaning you have a cheater that wants to con your mind!

    chess dot com can look into this, because clear thinkers should be protected from invation. perhaps a filter can only allow those that is within a 100 range tactical trainer difference, to compete with one another....

    perhaps someone can post us the graph for tactical trainer. what do you guys think?

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    You can look up an individual's TT record:


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    what i think that freedom of speach is important ! comments have been deleted here...and not only mine strange !!! I also want to state that i have never joined this site. I was playing a chess application on facebook supported by chess.com and I think that is something totally different !

    After A nice discussion here yesterday I sent an email  to support to unblock my account and now they blocked thomas the second so i am now the third ;-) I did this on purpose since i explicitely choose not to hide my name as that would be real cheating !!!

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