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Remove two square pawn advance option

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    It seems like black and white would be much more equal if the starting two square pawn advance option was removed from the game.  If White wants to play the equivalent of e4, it takes him two moves to do so, and black can now play two development moves in exchange for white's control of the center as compensation.  Has this ever been considered before? 

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    What's wrong with how pawns move now? Why is slowing down the game better?

    You'll have to answer those questions for anyone to even entertain the idea.

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    Actually, for hundreds of years, pawns could only move one square. Several hundred years ago they added the "2 squares on the first move" rule so the pawns could get into the game faster, since it was thought it took to long for the battle to start. If you want to get center control as black, just play 1...e5 or 1...c5 in response to e4.

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    @ Razdomillie

    The problem is that White starts with an advantage due to the way pawns move now: "Statistical analysis shows that White scores between 52 and 56 percent at most levels of play, with White's margin increasing as the standard of play improves."

    I realize there are things black can do, but that doesn't chane the fact that at very high levels of play white generally plays for a win, and black for a draw, simply because white starts out with a slight tempo advantage.  Allowing double pawn moves exacerbates this advantage.  I know it would slow the game down a bit, but it seems to me that game balance should take precedence over a slight speed improvement.

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    Dude, black can move pawns two squares also. Taking away that option for both sides would result in the same exact thing. White will always be slightly better than Black unless you give black some unfair advantage (a special move that white can't do, an extra piece, etc.) Someone has to go first. Wink


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