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Result of 3rd WCC game

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    Here is the possible result of game n. 3 of the World Championship:

    1. Anand propose the draw at move 12, because he ran in his head countless lines, and they all draw

    2. Carlsen propose the draw at move 15, because they are running out of salmon, and he needs to go fishing some

    3. the chessboard propose the draw to both players, because its memory is becoming full with all these 10 move games

    4. The arbiter declared it a draw, because they all stared at the chessboard for 1 hour each, which makes 3 hours total!

    The result of the 3rd game is a draw.

    All the spectators are totally amazed of such great display of chess excellence.

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    +1 for sarcasm. I would be pleasantly surprised if there is a win tomorrow. One can hope Magnus does not disappoint.

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    I'm from the crowd which criticises the criticisers who criticise draws, but I have to admit, you made me laugh. 

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    1.Nf3 Nf6 2.Ng1 Ng8!? 1/2-1/2 

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    jadarite wrote:

    You haven't seen nothing yet.  They will have Anand and Carlsen lookalike doubles play while the real Anand and Carlsen look behind the glass.  When they draw, the real Anand and Carlsen will shout out, "What are you doing you fools!!!"


    Then, they will reveal themselves and continue the game until it is actually complete with a win or draw with only kings remaining after 1,000 moves.

    Best comment of the month.   #1 commnet!


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