Should limit the number of simultaneous Daily Games for players


I am currently playing in a Daily tournament wherein I noticed that one of my opponents was actively playing 800+ simultaneous Daily Games.   I know from experience that simply trying to play your best in 140+ simultaneous Daily is pretty tough.  This player is fairly weak and after noticing a series of consecutively bad moves I thought I would peek into their history and was surprised when I saw the numbers.   Now I am a big believer in every player's right to play their way; however given realistic human limitations and everyone's interest in players on both sides being able to have fun/do their best, it made me wonder if based on data, whether or not should have a limit in place for the max number of simultaneous Daily games one can play?


Maybe your opponent never sleeps,eats or works. silledad!  lol I would be in favour of a reasonable limit. I've never let my games go above 40. Too stressful.


I've seen this too, I once found a player in a tournament who was playing over 2000 daily games!

Personally, I believe there should be a cap.

@pam234, I get stressed out too and my rating drops.


I just withdrew from a few tournaments because I took on too many games at once. I couldn't win a game to save my life because my focus was spread too thin. My win/loss record isn't too pretty now but it was for the best to withdraw. I couldn't see delaying the inevitable if I was going to lose anyway.

I’m just amazed how these players manage so many games ! 🙀

They must't have a life outside!


@MikeDoolzinski. I think you took the best path forward once you realized you have too many.  Kudos to you!!


LOL for a while, I was trying to keep my games below 10. Now, I do not want more than 5 games so that I can spend more time on the games and learn as much as possible. Over 50 games is unbelievable to me. 800+ just blows my mind! 


@pam234. You may have a point but at 800+ (or worse 2k+ as PatrickKnight stated), I am doubtful many seriously strong players could put in quality moves across all matches. sad.png   

silledad wrote:

@MikeDoolzinski. I think you took the best path forward once you realized you have too many.  Kudos to you!!

Yeah. I always want to play at my best but I was playing almost 30 games at once and it got taxing. When I was younger I could have kept up but as I get older now I do feel my mind changing. For the better? Probably not. 

I'm going to be 44 in a few weeks and I'd like to preserve what I have left mentally. That's why I've taken up chess. To stay stimulated.


@Cee_Willy.  I'm looking to do the same ( changing the ratio of games played to chess/game study while still being able to put in quality games/the work to improve is a key goal this year )


My goal is too not rush the process. If it takes me 3 months to finish my book, than so be it. I was doing well not playing too many games but when it came to studying, I have so much material I was trying to power through it all. I realize I can only learn so much in one day anyway so just enjoy the process and don't get into a rush. Also, I need to play at least one long play game a week and REALLY analyze it and annotate it. I have fallen short going through this process.


I agree - there should be a limit. It should be really high - maybe 300 games at a time. After that, people are cheating/double-teaming/have NO life whatsoever. People with 2000 games timeout a lot and slow down the process for other people.


Limit limits


Nylonsock wrote:

I’m just amazed how these players manage so many games ! 🙀

Clearly they don't if they make bad moves as the OP said. I think there should be a cap on games too. 500 plus games isn't playing chess, it's become a compulsive mental disorder.


Seriously - I get wigged out if I try to handle more than around 20. I cannot imagine 100 times that number. happy.png 


Damn I get stressed when I have over a dozen going, hah!


I think those people treat the daily chess as puzzles.
Find the best move in a few seconds then go to the next position.

Lets say 15 seconds per position, so you can move in 4 games per minute. If you spend an hour on then you can move in about 200 games. And that is just one hour...

Is it quality chess? No... Unless you are really good in blitz or bullet games. happy.png