Site Suggestion: Tournament Director's Page!


Hey everyone,

I orginally posted this in the "Site Feedback and Suggestions" forum,  but it didn't get many responses. Let's see how it does here! Smile 

So, I think a really cool addition to would be a tournament director's page on your profile. This would show which tournaments you are currently directing, have directed, how many you have before and when they were,which custom trophies you've given out, etc. It would be much simpler if you want to play in a tournament directed by a particular person (maybe you liked one of their previous ones) to not have to sift through all the available to register tournaments, or far worse, sift through all the tournaments in progress/completed tournaments! (There's thousands of those.) I direct many tournaments on here, and what I do (and many others do also) is a have a tournament group, I get the players from my tournaments to join the group, then every time I make a tournament I send the whole group an invite, and I keep updating a forum thread which shows all the current available tournaments and has links to them. If anyone wanted to look at one in progress that they are not participating in they would have to message me for the link to it. It would save so much time and hassle for everyone to just look at my profile to see which other tournaments I am directing! Yes, I could friend everyone so that they would see when I start a tournament, but I like to keep my friend's list small with only my closest friends.

On your profile it should show all your activity on the site, and this is one more thing that many players do.

Thanks for reading! Please comment and tell me what you think of this idea. Smile




Under HOME - Tournaments  is a page showing the tnmts I'm directing, playing in and have completed. BUT, I don't see a way for anyone else to see this info. This would be handy to make publicly available IMHO.

Contact the staff directly via Help & Support at the bottom of the page with your suggestion.


Yeah, I know that you yourself can see it, but others can't.