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Solve this Riddle if you can

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     i like true false games  here is an example

    1. my uncle flew a plane which crashed in the Bermuda Triangle

    2. my son, age 16, lifted 170 pound barbell above his head.

     Which statement or statements are true?

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    @ponz111: both statements might be true or not. How can I know?

    The first sentence is ambigious to me. It might say 'I have an uncle that once flew a plane that later crashed in the Bermuda Triangle' or it could be that your uncle was flying it on that fatal flight. I don't have a clue which version is more likelty to be true, hence I do not know if one of them is true.

    The second sentence is something that describes what I have done on my sixteenth. So I know by experience that it is possible. I don't know if it is ok to say a 170 barbell, but I interpret it as a shortcut expression. That is allowed in Dutch. Furthermore can he have used some devices to help him lifting the barbell. Ambigious again. True or false? Who knows?

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    First one is a lie. If it was true, you'd say vanished in the Bermuda triangle, not crashed. How would you know it crashed? Second one is true cos it's not weird enough to be a lie.

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    The first statement is true and the 2nd statement is false.

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    i have lifted a 170 pound barbell above my head [clean and jerk] but my son never has. We do not any longer have my old set of weights.

    My uncle did fly a plane which crashed in the Bermuda Triangle. He escaped alive.

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    That same uncle used to jump off platforms more than 30 feet high.

    He did this at least 50 times and survived. 

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    True false statements are a game of logic, not of knowledge.


    Are the next two statements true or false:

    1. False implies true.

    2. The next two sentences are equal:

    a. If I see a bat, then I see a mammal.

    b. I see a mammal or not a bat.

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    deep is obviously the answer

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