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Sometimes I forget to think

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    Provided by one that calls himself guesso!

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    @ AlCzervik haha true

    @ Honibo_shushaku loved reading it lol

    @ wafflemaster some good advices there, thank you

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    "How do you force yourself to think between moves? Obviously you can make a lot better moves if you use your brain"

    I think you need to have motivation to win, you have to want the victory. I usually never think against computers for example, (and I rarely play against them) because I don't take it seriously. In online games I am thinking always, but sometimes I just move, and that can be bad. In real life games I am thinking always. (I mean in tournament games)
    So I think if you have motivation to win, you will think during a game.
    But of course, if you play short games then you don't really have time to think.

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    Well, thinking and feeling are two ways to find a solution. It is not absolutely necessary to think, to find a good move.

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    I just walk away from the chess game for a minute then come back so you do not make blunders. :)

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    Well, I wake up in the morning
    Fold my hands and pray for rain
    I got a head full of ideas
    That are drivin' me insane


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    Dear Guesso, apart from jokes , its the state of frustration, and repeated bad moves of yours( or may be clever moves of ur apponent), which is  because of ur less concentration on game you feel that way. But dont worry it is not your last game of your life! ok? so cheer up and think of your next game which may give you some courage and entusasium by which u may even draw the present one! Are u happy now? ... good  ....:-) God bless u.

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    Annabella1 wrote:

    Sometimes I see black clouds coming out of my ears too!  pufffffff

     "Is Patrick thinking again?"

     "Yes! I'm thinking really hard!"

    "Patrick, it smells as if something crawled into your brain and died!"

    "That's the creative process of writing!"

    From Spongebob!

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    Sometimes I don't think on my online chess games, just making a move that looks good instead of analyzing it. This is ok in blitz chess, because oftentimes your opponent ca't calculate the best reply. But it can really kill you in online chess, where everyone has about 3 days per move. 


    Best way to help avoid this is to just think. And if you can't think of something, don't play. Don't make a move. 


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