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Soviet Cheating in FIDE Competition: 1952 Stockholm Interzonal

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    Chess is a sport just Hockey, but you're sitting in a chair, looking at a board.  Like hockey, chess has plenty of checks.  (and Czechs, for that matter.)

    Some of this is period-specific.  If you didn't grow up during the Red Peril 1 then the dynamic of the Soviet Machine and its effects on competition during the 50s-80s will escape you, no matter how many times you watch Rocky IV.


    That picture is from Rocky III, but the point - as such - remains. Just imagine a 6'3" russian guy sitting across from Stallone.

    For some Back in the Day historical perspective, here's a documentary about Canada beating the Soviets.  

    USSR vs Canada ... Canada wins.  -   I don't know if its true that Canadians remember where they were when Canada beat the Soviets ... in hockey.  But there are people on camera saying that's the case.  Grown men weeping as they tell their sons about the sporting event.

    The analogy of top athletes not giving max performance in preliminaries in order to 'get through to the finals' is apt.  I hadn't considered the issue from that perspective.  If I took a look at what the Ethiopian Olympic Teams marathon qualifying times were, I'd probably find that they weren't running flat-out every race.


    There's a case to be made that Bobby Fischer's win in Iceland is responsible for the Flyers beating the Soviet Red Army team during the US Bicentennial.  

    Philadelphia Flyers vs. Soviet Red Army, 1976 - Flyers win.

    It's a stupid case, but I'm sure that someone can make it.

    1 - Sure, the US was the Red,White,and,Blue Peril from the much-less freedom-loving perspective.

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    If one player is winning a lot of games in a tournament, draws tend to leave you further and further behind.

    Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura quite commonly draw their games against each other.  Is this "collusion"?

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    Russia and India are radioactive lands and that force can bend the reason at ridiculous testimonies and that it is not a fair chess even though you cant find a material trick behind those buildings..

    there is no trick behind just as in the movie with Bobby 'Give me a Hug' or whatsoever..


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