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Star Trek Chess

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    Has anyone played Star Trek chess? I still have the board, but lost some pieces to it. It was an interesting variant of chess.

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    very lame

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    I would be highly interested in playing.

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    Star Trek Chess is just a nickname for Tridimentional or 3D chess, which has been around for a hundred years or so. The Star Trek folks didn't invent it, just used it and worked it into their show.... a google on "Tri-D Chess" should get you info on the game and where to buy boards and pieces.

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    It's not really a variant of chess. It was created to show how advanced they were.
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    richmah1999 wrote:

    very lame

    The lame part is that you think we care about what you think. How sad people look when they don't have anyone to laugh at their bad jokes...
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    You can make your own board. Much cheaper.

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    no...I haven't.

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    I've got the board and I've played it a few times. I haven't found a satisfactory set of rules for it yet. The rules published in one of the books don't work at all because they require putting the attack boards (the smaller 2x2 boards that can be moved) under the main boards, which not really possible with the board sold by the Franklin Mint. The rules that come with the board make the attack boards almost impossible to move. I also don't like how the pieces all move vertically the same way. It makes it more of a two dimensional game where you can have multiple pieces in the same square.

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    ponnupazoozu wrote:

    she mated him because he had her rooks?  doesn't make sense ... 

    LOL...ikr?the scene just doesn't look credible at all...how can a human beat someone that's better than Houdini and Rybka combined?doesn't make sense Tongue out

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    there are many varients of chess shown in star-trek, will riker played several of them and always just called them "chess".  i remember he played a four-level game, a five level game, a three level game, a tri-d game, and yes he even played a "traditional" game once that i remember.

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    ok, I am so close to buying those rules.


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