Steinitz vs Morphy

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    Steintiz develop a lot opening theories and positional concepts, pawn chain, over protection, minority attack and exploring small advantage ( weak pawns or squares) and the two bishops or the superior bishop versus the limited knight.

     His games we learn how to conduct it with a proper plan and executed correctly.




    These kind of game we learn how to attack and we see these mistakes often in our games. 

      Phony Benoni wrote that studying past masters is more beneficial than modern masters.



    Of course, many 19th century games are going to be of "poor" quality to today's players. But, paradoxically, the "average" player will learn more from games like this than from a masterpiece from Fischer or Kasparov or Carlsen. You have to master the simple ideas behind games like this before you can comprehend the subtler ideas of today's super-GMs.

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