Stockfish chess


How accurate are stockfish's rating levels on their app?


Do you mean their iOS app? Does it give an elo level estimate? On the Windows app it's just a skill level from 0 to 20, and you can't really say it's inaccurate, since it's not being compared to an elo scale.


Rating scales are arbitrary so the question is somewhat moot


On the iOS app you can choose a rating level from about 800 to 2500.


What are the rating levels for Android? I played a blindfolded game with 20% and it played rather badly.

Hey, Hurricane, since when people with rating of 500 are idiots?


@HurricaneMichael, I guess that means you need to stick to "chess titans" for pc


If you mean the level for the engine to play at, as a handicap, it's an approximation.  Most engines limit their calculation time and depth as you reduce from the maximum, then may even add in arbitrary bad moves as it goes lower.  But no, it isn't anywhere near exact.


Thanks Estragon. As a specific example, when I set the engine at 1900, can you expect that the computer will play at around 1900 USCF or is there no way that this is true?


At every level the computer knows tremendous amounts of theory so in this regard it definitely is unrealistic.


I like Hiarcs 14 for setting the engine's strength. It's the most human like feel I've found in an engine, when handicapped or at full strength. It seems to play stronger than the actual weakened Elo set at though.  Against me Chessmaster 10's preset players usually played some type of off the wall move in order to lower it's full strength, such as giving up a knight for a pawn on move 12 for no reason whatsoever.