Stop the witch hunt for Hans Niemann!


Hans Niemann's average centi-pawn loss was consistent since his rating was 2300 through 2700, which is a strong indication of cheating.


snoozyman wrote:

which is a strong indication of cheating.

Is it?

First of all the graph isn't flat, and secondly it should also depend on the types of positions you're getting. You'd have to run this program for many players before you know what to expect.

McEntire87 wrote:
Stop witch-hunting the witch-hunting, hunters who hunt for witch-hunting witches.

stop witch-hunting the witch-hunting witches who witch-hunt for hunters who witch-hunt witches


Stop the witch hunt, and start the cheater hunt!

marqumax wrote:

He seemed awkward just like any other chess player.

First of all, chess players don't seem awkward.

Second of all, Hans didn't seem awkward at all.

Also this OP didn't age too well did it...