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novacek wrote:

I am certainly at an age where I can reset my bad habits. It's just making me feel think that if I'd taken things more seriously I wouldn't need to take this detour.

I've been hitting stumbling blocks the whole of my chess 'career'- as everyone who is a human will- but I end up trying to come up with some grand training plan, as if that is going to change anything. 

My coach is about 2200 strength. We mostly look at openings, which I dislike- I don't think it's a good use of time. However, the circumstances make it hard for me to let him go and find a new one.

Openings. Omg.

Here's how I think the chess player's improvement should look like.

The improvement means Updating your mindset, something like new release of your chess operating system that stays invisible in the background while supporting all applications running on the chess computer in your brain. In other words you need to make your mental models, your mind maps, your way of (subconscious) thinking change! They give you ideas, direction and orientation during chess battles, not practical solutions!

And mental models, and update thereof, has nothing to do openings, techniques, methods, procedures, etc. that all chess book discuss.

Now, when we say mindset, what we mean by that? Here is some possible candidates that you should pick one from (feel free to expand the list) and work on it by deliberate practice as defined by Anders Ericsson in his Peak,

1) Pay attention to what your opponent is up to, to his intentions, plans etc ("the best strategy is to fight the opponent's strategy," Sun Tzu, 500 BC)

2) Identify Chess Center of Gravity, "what matters most" (Soltis) 

3) Look for targets/Identify weaknesses

4) Pawn play (how to change pawn structure favorably to make your pieces work hard for you),


You get the idea. Now, as I said, you pick one. The question is how to work on it, what method to use? That may be tricky as chess books don't tell you much about it. You may want to check Andy Soltis' What It Takes to Become a Chess Master to get an idea how that might work.

Good luck!

This is Serbian Monastery of Hilandar on Mt Athos, Greece, founded 1198.

This is waht it looks like in your chess cathedral of your head. Where all your chess algorithms are executing below the level of consciousness, in almost complete darkness. The ancient chess mental objects and models hardly change. They are there as you juggle them mentally looking for your next move. Those rays of light are possible enlightenments/improvementshappy.png 




Hey Kamalakanta, how you been?

Here's one for you, George Whiting Flagg (1816-1897), Chess Players (Checkmate) 

The guy is doomed, body language tells you all...


Been OK, and you> Busy busy!

kamalakanta wrote:

Been OK, and you> Busy busy!

Modern life is somewhat stressful, isn't it?

I've been okay myself, two more Fischerandom in Argentina-Serbia starting Aug 31happy.png Fischer is fun, long live Fischer, the classical is dead!

Here's one from the Argentine cartoon creator Guillermo Mordillo, 


Nice! A genius!